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Apart from our family members and relatives, there are many personal assets which we care about to sustain a happy and contented life. In most countries, one of the more popular cared for items is vehicle. Not only is a vehicle is a major financial investment, it is also an almost essential form of mobility. A stolen vehicle can be a major blow to the stability of the family in addition to the monetary impact.



iTrack provides the security to help minimize the trauma. It gives you the peace of mind at all times even if you fail to locate it after dining out in a new, unfamiliar area. iTrack can help you to track down your vehicle much quicker than most other methods. Image


The handling of your mobile asset is another major area of concern, like a vehicle. With iTrack it monitors the performance and actions of the vehicle when it is under the care of your family members. Excessive speeds, entering into areas of restricted zones, are all within the functions of the iTrack devices to help you know what is going on.

Track Your Assets in Transit
With the iTrack123 system, you can monitor your assets (personal as well as business) in transit. Assets moving from one location to another can be tracked closely to ensure that no mishaps occur on its way. iTrack provides full tracking data with time stamps to provide hard evidence of its activities. Quality maps are used to provide real time visual interaction on the movements and routing of the assets.


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